10 masks to print for the carnival

10 masks to print for the carnival

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For carnival, masks are de rigueur and it's too funny to disguise easily and impress his friends! Princess, superhero, bird, Indian, justice of space ... here are 10 masks to print for your loulous.


  • Ask your child to choose the model (s) they wish to wear to dress up.
  • Print the image in A4 size (first on black and white paper to fit the size) and cut out the mask.
  • Do the fitting with your child. If the mask is a bit big or small, set the print size (+10 or 20% or -10 or 20%).
  • Size is good? Print the mask (in color this time) on a paper a little strong (180 grams ideally).
  • Make 2 small holes on each side, pass a string or better elastic ... and here is a beautiful disguise!

10 masks to print for carnival (10 photos)

Feather mask

Who will hide behind these pretty feathers? We let you guess.

Carnival mask of Venice

Head to Venice with this mask of the most beautiful effect!

Wild cat mask

A model that will please all fans of jungle and fantastic animals!

Mask of Justice of the Space

A fabulous model for your apprentice righter! Will he give her super powers?

Indian Mask

With this mask, the cowboys will only have to stand ... the Indians go on the attack and it's going to be their party!

Mask of the Justice of the Space

Super powers in view with this mask vigilante ... attention to you!

Fantastic bird mask

Fantastic, this bird mask, right?

Teddy bear mask

Who's there ? Heaven, a bear cub ... not even afraid!

Princess mask

Your princess dreams of being crowned? This mask will give him a smile!

Super Hero Mask

Attention superhero or heroine in sight!