Allergy: what signals?

Allergy: what signals?

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All parents wonder if their children will escape allergies. But how to recognize them? Our specialists give you leads.

What complicates everything with allergies is that the symptoms are in themselves harmless or refer to classic pathologies, such as a simple cold, for example. "We suspect an allergy only when these symptoms are repeated on a regular basis," warns Dr. Christine Rizk, pediatrician gastroenterologist: during walks in the spring, in a particular room, after touching a cat ... Decoding signals sent by the little ones.

What are the first signs of allergy?

  • Repetitive bronchiolitis before 2 years. One, two episodes in the winter, it passes. After three, while your child has a wheezing cough and wheezing, allergic asthma may be involved.
  • A dry cough when your child moves or gets upset. He's not sick, he does not even have a runny nose, but you've noticed that he starts to cough at times when he's agitated. It is a warning sign of asthma that is, in 90% of cases in toddlers, allergic origin.
  • An eczema that settles. Many babies have dry skin and red patches in winter on the legs, forearms, hands ... As long as it passes and it concerns only a small area, no problem. If your child has more than three affected areas, it may be a food allergy or contact with a textile, soap or laundry.
  • Hives go off. Suddenly, a red and swollen area appears on the skin, in the minutes that follow or a few hours maximum after the ingestion of a food, the contact with a plant, an insect bite ... Without doubt, it is is an allergy.
  • General health (weight gain, stool quality, sleep ...) is not satisfactory. It is not easy to make the link with an allergic problem here, but if no other direct cause could be identified, one must still look for that side.

A balance sheet to be clear

  • And now that you have a suspicion, what to do? "It is strongly advised to make a quick assessment, advises Dr Pierrick Hordé, allergist.In contrary to a received idea, complete skin tests can be done before the age of 3. They are almost painless and fast. it is necessary to supplement them with a blood test and / or delayed-reading patch tests and it is best to contact a specialist, that is to say a true allergist. You can make an appointment without a prescription from your referring doctor and you will be reimbursed by Social Security.
  • Attention, an isolated consultation is not enough because the allergic ground is in constant evolution. An assessment every year is therefore essential, especially if your child has new reactions that you do not understand. On this occasion, the allergist can also establish correlations between the various crises and possibly diagnose cross allergies likely to develop after the age of 3 years. For example, some patients who are allergic to the egg are sometimes also bird feathers, those who responded to birch pollen may be sensitive to the apple ... Better to be warned to parry reactions.
  • Finally, "these tests allow to know if the time has come to propose an introduction of the food, explains Dr. Christine Rizk.There is an optimal moment to do it when the threshold of intolerance decreases and, if one misses it , the child may not be able to become accustomed to this product later. "This would be a shame, because allergy is not inevitable.

Sophie Viguier-Vinson

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