Day 5

Day 5

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- Morning: Bike Villandry => Azay the Rideau, visit the troglodyte Valley Goupillières - = 15 km, about 1 hour - go to visit the castle of Azay le Rideau = 3 km by bike- Lunch on site - Afternoon: Azay le Rideau => Langeais = 15,5 km, about 1h15.- Visit of the castle of Langeais - Dinner and accommodation guest room the Angel is Dreamer

- Morning: Villandry bike => Azay le Rideau, visit the troglodyte valley of Goupillières - = 15 km, about 1 hour - go visit the castle of Azay le Rideau = 3 km by bike
- Lunch on the spot
- Afternoon : Azay le Rideau => Langeais = 15.5 km, about 1h15.
- Visit of Langeais Castle
- Dinner and bed and breakfast accommodation L'Ange est Rêveur


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