Kindergarten registration, how is it?

Kindergarten registration, how is it?

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Some municipalities have already started enrollment in kindergarten for September, so it's time to think about it! What are the formalities ? How to register? What to do if you move? Answers to your questions.

It is generally in March that enrollment in kindergarten for the next school year begins ... but, be careful, some municipalities started before. If your child is not yet in school or if he / she changes school, inquire after your town hall as soon as possible.

1) First step: the town hall

Appointment in your town hall with the following documents:

  • The family booklet, an identity card or a copy of birth certificate.
  • Proof of address (tax sheet, EDF invoice ...).
  • A certificate attesting that your child is up to date in compulsory vaccinations for its age: antidiphtheria, tetanus, polio.
  • A piece establishing the quality of the legal guardian (the identity card, the passport) and, where appropriate, the conditions for the exercise of parental authority (the judgment).

The town hall issues you a certificate of registration indicating the school where your child is assigned. If you want to register in a different establishment than the one you depend on, you must request a waiver from your town hall.

2) Second step: registration at the school

  • The principal of the school must register your child to be registered. You must do it at the latest in June before the start of the school year, but inquire to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • The parts to be provided are the same that those requested by the town hall, with in addition, the registration certificate issued during the first stage.

3) Are you moving?

  • The school where your child is currently attending school will give you a cancellation certificate.
  • Then go to the town hall of your new home by presenting a family record book, an identity card or a copy of a birth certificate, proof of address and proof of vaccination of your toddler.
  • The certificate of registration will be issued and you will only have to make an appointment with the school you depend on to finalize the registration.

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