Infant or mother: what is the best milk for my baby?

Infant or mother: what is the best milk for my baby?

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One wonders if with all the progress that had been made in infant milks, if they are better than breast milk. The answer is very clear: NO. The explanations in video of Pr Patrick Tounian, pediatrician-nutritionist.

  • Progress has been considerable during the last thirty years, but there are still known elements in the mother's milk, which could not be put into infant milks; even all the infectious elements, the white blood cells in the mother's milk, the antibodies in the mother's milk that do not exist in the infant milk. And then, there is probably in the mother's milk nutrients whose exact existence is unknown, which have a beneficial effect for the child, and which, by definition, can not be put in infant formulas since we do not know their existence.
  • So the progress of infant formulas has been considerable and nowadays quite correctly ensures the nutritional needs of infants and young children; but mother's milk is indisputably the best food for the child for the first six months.

Realized and validated in collaboration with health professionals under the direction of Pr Patrick Tounian


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