He has everything to learn from life!

He has everything to learn from life!

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Help your baby find his rhythm day-night or your great to sleep well at night ... we offer you every day a tip from the second issue of the collection "The Essentials of: 85 tips for him to sleep well", sold with pocket format. Today, our special toddler advice. (News of 13/09/10)

  • In utero, your baby slept without worrying about hunger, day or night. He had his own rhythm, programmed by a whole neuronal organization. He alternated calm sleep and restless sleep without being influenced by your activity. But since birth, things have been a little complicated! He discovers hunger, the essential need to feed himself and must organize his sleep according to the day and the night. An implementation that can take time!

At first, he is very messy ...

  • A newborn baby sleeps a lot, on average from 16 to 20 hours, depending on whether it is a large or a small sleeper. This sleep is necessary for its good physical and cerebral development. The first days, he does not recognize the day and the night yet and his awakenings take place anytime, essentially when he is hungry.
  • A newborn sleeps almost always in restless sleep, unlike adults, who fall asleep in slow sleep. Its cycle consists of a restless phase of sleep followed by a calm phase lasting 60 minutes. Chaining 3 or 4 cycles allows him to sleep 3 to 4 hours of sleep in a row.

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