He never wants to come to the table

He never wants to come to the table

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Every day is the same fight for your child to eat. He wants to play ... Find the tips that will make him want to sit down.

Oppose to build oneself

At this age, he is less dependent on you and accedes to some form of autonomy.

  • It enters a phase of opposition essential so that it is constructed as a full individual. This opposition is not to be taken as a refusal, but as a way of expressing oneself and being heard. Do not be disarmed!
  • This is the age when your child discovers the pleasure of the game. To play, to discover are his new passions that will help him to build up ... until he forgets to eat.
  • He becomes aware of his body and his motor skills. He runs, dances, jumps and is very active. This "wanderer" does not encourage him to settle down quietly at the table.

He does not want to come to the table? Opt for flexible rules

  • Give him benchmarks. Your child needs to feel in front of him a firm adult, sure of his convictions without being severe. It must set a framework with schedules without being too demanding. The mealtime consists of rituals that are specific to your family functioning. Your child will situate himself in relation to these benchmarks.
  • Negotiate with him. While remaining calm, discuss with him when he wants to eat dinner. The evening bath, the game that follows the meal are all benchmarks that will help him to agree to come to the table without betraying his desire for systematic opposition.
  • Prevent it. If he is playing when you prepare the meal, tell him in advance that it is soon time to eat and that he must prepare to interrupt his game. Show him on the dial. a clock where the needle will be when you call it. You can help him finish what he's doing before going to dinner.

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