He is in no hurry to walk

He is in no hurry to walk

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A child can walk around 12-14 months. But beware, this is only an average! If yours is slow to take its first steps, no reason to worry. His priorities may be elsewhere!

  • Each child grows up at a pace of their own: some will walk early, around 1 year, and others at 18 months. As with all acquisitions, many criteria come into play.

Walking: an individual approach

  • Your child prefers to observe. There are the active, the curious, the "jack-of-all", who like to go to the discovery of the vast world and who are in a hurry to reach more autonomy. There are also the peaceful ones, who are so well ... sitting. They prefer to observe and will take more time to take their first steps.
  • He likes to crawl better. Before 1 year, children go through different psychomotor stages. Some begin with the "four legs", moving crawling or on the buttocks. They have access to a new space and that suits them, sometimes for a long time. Others prefer to experiment as soon as possible standing, to sit on chairs, walls. But all will, sooner or later, reach the neuromotive maturity that will allow them to access independent walking: standing up in balance, coordinating arms and legs.
  • He does not have the traveling soul. Walking is a symbol. Thanks to her, your child reaches another world, moves away from you! He sets out to conquer his autonomy and this new freedom does not please everyone. And you, do you accept that he begins to escape? In any case, rest assured: a delay in the acquisition of walking does not mean that your child develops less quickly, nor less well. This does not mean that he will speak late, that he will be less awake or less intelligent! Sometimes even, the contemplative is a faster speaker while the early draper is slow to express himself!

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