He loves bread ... so what?

He loves bread ... so what?

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Baguette or round bread, sourdough or cereal, it's just if you do not take the bread from his mouth so much he eats ... Is it so worrying?

Bread, does it make you fat or not?

  • It has long been thought that bread makes you fat. Hence its consumption in free fall in the 70s.
  • Today, nutritionists are formal: with 255 Kcal per 100 g, bread is not considered a caloric food ! It is even part of the contribution of 50 to 55% complex carbohydrates that constitute a balanced diet.
  • In other words,i your child does not eat enough, he will rush more on products rich in fat and fast sugars, which, they, favor the overweight and do not satiate long. In fact, it is not the carbohydrates of bread, but the lipids that we spread on it in excess, which make you fat, like rillettes, cheese and other spreads!
  • Your child is crazy about crumbs? Know that the composition of the crumb is exactly the same as that of the bread crust. In reality, evenly weighted, the crumb is even less caloric, because it contains more water than the outside dried by the heat of the oven.
  • Some breads are more caloric than others: the Viennese baguette, for example, is enriched with sugar, milk and fat. More caloric than his cousin, the baguette nature. You can offer it to your child, but only occasionally.

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