Pregnancy and tiger balm: caution

Pregnancy and tiger balm: caution

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The tiger balm can have many benefits, but in France, its use is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And this, whatever its type ...

The tiger balm: what exactly?

  • Tiger balm is an ointment of the Chinese pharmacopoeia very popular in Asia.
  • There are two main types: the red tiger balm is mainly used in massage against muscle and joint pain. The white tiger balm is used to clear the airways (eg, sinusitis, colds), fight migraines and soothe insect bites. It is usually used in massage or inhalation.
  • The exact composition of each balm may differ slightly from one manufacturer to another, but in general, the main active ingredients of the red tiger balm are menthol, camphor, clove essential oil and oil. essential of cajeput. Those of the white tiger balm mainly include camphor, eucalyptus essential oil, dehulled mint essential oil and clove essential oil.

Tiger balm: why is it not recommended during pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy is an exceptional physiological period. For 9 months, mom and baby are supportive and share the resources of the future mother. Thus, many substances absorbed by it can influence baby's development by crossing the placental barrier. Also, it is best not to use certain remedies during pregnancy. This is particularly the case for the vast majority of essential oils, especially during the first quarter, and camphor. The tiger balm is therefore not recommended during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding and in children under 7 years.

You used tiger balm while pregnant?

  • Tiger balm is a product not recommended as a precaution. Several factors must be taken into account if you have used it without knowing the contraindications or without knowing that you were pregnant: stage of pregnancy, number of applications, amount of product used, dosage of active substances ...
  • The right attitude to have: stop using tiger balm, monitor the reaction of your body within hours and in case of doubt seek advice from a health professional.

Tiger balm: how to replace it?

  • To relieve your back pain during pregnancy, you can use massage. Several institutes offer prenatal massage sessions, performed with a suitable massage oil. Ask only the advice of your doctor beforehand: as a precaution, this type of massage is often not recommended during the first trimester and at the end of pregnancy (the sessions are usually held between the beginning of the 4th month and the 8th month).
  • Practicing a gentle physical activity such as swimming or wearing a girdle can also help you.
  • Finally, against the headache, think about acupuncture or homeopathy.


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