5-8 months: he starts the movement

5-8 months: he starts the movement

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5-8 months: he starts the movement

Around 5-6 months, what he can do:

- He keeps his back straight, which allows him to better use his hands. He opposes his thumb to his other fingers to try to grab a toy within reach.

- When he drops a toy (especially if it makes noise), he looks for it.

- He likes to pedal and brew the air of his arms.

- It is more and more "manual". Around 6 months, he can grab a toy in each hand.

- He likes to type objects on top of each other or on any hard medium.

- He likes his image in the mirror, he "talks" to her and smiles at him.

- Sitting on the ground, he can tilt his bust by leaning on his hands and move his buttocks "backwards".

Toys that please him:

- Toys with easy grips (stems, feet, handles)

- The rattles

- The big colored rings

- The toys with bells or squeak

- Activity tables with mirror


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