4. Bicolor Spartans

4. Bicolor Spartans

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With their little round toe and their game of bridles, these sandals will make all the charm of the outfits of your baby. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in garter stitch, in two coordinated tones.

Size: 3 months


Phildar knitting yarn, "Cabotine" quality (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Heather and col. Sand.

Aig. # 3. Hook n ° 3. 2 buttons.

Points used

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

Simple overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 1 m. end. on which we rab. the m. crept

Double overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 2 m. ens. end. on which we rab. the m. crept

Crochet: crayfish point = like tight meshes but in trav. from left to right.


For the sole, cast 32 sts. Ecume, aig. # 3. Tric. in garter st in inc. at 1 m. each end and on both sides of the 2 m. central, all 2 rows 5 fs 1 m. = 52 m. Tric. the following rg. approx. on the approx. to mark the edge of the sole. Resume the garter stitch and knit. : 8 m., Rab. 2 meters, 3 meters, rab. 2 m., 22 sts., Rab. 2 meters, 3 meters, rab. 2m., 8m. Cut the thread.

Slip the first 8 sts on a safety pin and the 3 sts. seq. on another pin.

Take back the central 22 m for the top of the foot. Tric. : 7 m., 2 sts. set, 4 sts, 1 single seam, 7 sts. Tric. 1 row then: 6 sts., 2 sts. set, 4 sts, 1 single seam, 6 sts. Tric. 1 row then: 5 sts., 2 sts. set, 4 sts., 1 simple seam, 5 sts. Tric. 1 row then: 4 sts., 2 sts. set, 4 m, 1 single overcast, 4 sts. Tric. 1 row, then: 1 st, (2 sts ass) 2 sts, 4 sts, (1 double seam stitch) 2 sts, 1 st. Tric. 1 rg then: 1 st., 3 sts. set, 2 sts, 1 double seam, 1 sts. On the return, tric. : 1 sts., (2 sts) 2 sts, 1 sts. Tric. 30 rows on the 4 m. rest. and rab. Fold the last 10 rows in reverse and sew the stitch.

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