Become the eldest, not easy!

Become the eldest, not easy!

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What a pleasure to wait for a second baby! Only downside: the idea of ​​announcing to your "great", loved and so far unique, that it will take a little space ...

You, her parents, are totally delighted with this new pregnancy. Your child, him ... you do not know anything about it. You fear that the arrival of a small second destabilizes him by making him lose his privileged status of "unique" child. Faced with the changes he feels, he may show a sudden aggression or indifference.

How can you tell him that he will become the eldest?

  • Feel the ground. The intuition of the children holds many surprises, including that of guessing the existence of the "little seed" in the belly of his mother.
  • Your child may even touch this child frequently and is particularly cuddly even before you know that a baby is coming! Tell her about this pregnancy as soon as she is sure.
  • Better wait until the first three months who can unfortunately book nasty surprises.
  • Do not force him to rejoice. Give him time. The moment will come when, of itself, he will ask you questions. You will then take the opportunity to reassure him, for example by reading books that are intended for him on the arrival of the second.
  • Share her experience with other children. How? For example, pointing out that the mother of one of her classmates is also pregnant or has just had a baby. Your child may want to talk to this friend in the same situation as him. You can also suggest to the teacher to discuss the subject in class. Your child surely has more than one classmate who has become a big brother or big sister before him.

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