Massages to help premature babies

Massages to help premature babies

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A prematurely born baby loses the stimuli essential for its growth and neurological development. One study found that vegetable oil massage improves their recovery time.

Massage to improve the management of premature babies

  • The study conducted by a team of French researchers was conducted on 49 premature infants divided into 4 groups : 1 control group receiving no stimulation by massage and 3 groups benefiting from specific massages STM (Sensori-Tonico-Motor).
  • Stimulated on the tactile, auditory and visual plan, the babies of these 3 groups were massed in music 2 times a day by a psychomotrician. But be careful, not just any massage and not with any oil!
  • Massed with different products : Isio 4, oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E for a group of babies, sweet almond oil for another, saline for the last one.

Promising results

  • The babies of the Isio 4 group gained more weight and grew up more than the others.
  • They had a shorter duration of parenteral nutrition (by probe).
  • They have suffered less stress.
  • They presented more important calm awakening times.
  • They did not suffer from any skin pathology.
  • They stayed in hospital for less time.

Isabelle Gravillon

* "Benefits of multimodal stimulations and the application of vegetable oils to premature newborns", published in the Practical Nutrition Review in 2010 by Laurence Vaivre Douret, professor in developmental psychology, neuropsychologist and psychomotor therapist.

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