Postnatal cure, think about it!

Postnatal cure, think about it!

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So that the consequences of your childbirth will soon be a distant memory, a post-natal spa treatment is a great boost. Medical monitoring, climate, benefits of seawater, solutions to keep your baby ... everything is there to make you get back into shape faster.

  • Do not think that you will rush to a post-natal cure as soon as you give birth or almost. You will have to wait two or, better, three months, the time to let your body breathe and take shape. The time also to finish breastfeeding. Only then will you enjoy it thoroughly.

Thalassotherapy to save energy

  • The interest of such a cure? Recover your tiredness, but also retrain your back, your abdominals, your perineum - and even your epi-dermis - a bit rough, start losing your few extra pounds thanks to a dietary program and, it is not the least, to be pampered by a caring team.
  • The thalassotherapy will help you very quickly, simply because it combines the tonic effects of seawater and sea climate.

Take the plunge !

  • Naturally rich in mineral salts natural source of energy - iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and sodium - seawater is heated to around 37 degrees, which allows its valuable ingredients to penetrate better into the organization. You will taste it in all its forms: in a whirlpool where the tonic bubbles will massage you deliciously while relaxing, under a sti-mante jet shower dosing pile to activate the blood circulation and unclog the areas where sits this sacred cellulite . Finally, in the pool, where your body will gently relax while unwinding joints and tensions of any hair. All these treatments will be prescribed at the beginning of treatment by the doctor of the center.
  • On a case-by-case basis, the doctor will add back and abdominal muscle rehabilitation sessions, anti-pain and relaxing massages, and manual lymphatic drainage performed by a physiotherapist.

A strengthening cure

  • He can also prescribe pressotherapy (practiced with a kind of boot which, by inflating and deflating, acts on blood circulation) to relieve heavy legs, applications of slimming algae and the famous reeducation of the perineum to tone the muscles of the small pelvis badly led by childbirth.
  • Not to mention the dietetics and different relaxation techniques. In all, four to five treatments a day in the morning or afternoon. Some centers have also had the good idea to create sessions "mom / baby" where, in a very close relationship, you will learn to touch and massage your little one to better awaken sensory and motor.

The care offered in post-natal care

In thalassotherapy, we must distinguish the so-called "wet" treatments, made with sea water and those "dry" as massages, gymnastics, not to mention the beauty care.

  • Rejuvenate your body with whirlpool baths, bubbling, underwater shower, firming algae wraps.
  • Strengthen your tone and your abdominal strap with physiotherapy sessions and gymnastics in the pool.
  • Enjoy moments of relaxation with a body scrub, relaxing massages.
  • Share moments of complicity with your baby (baby-swimmer, massages)

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