How to choose your foundation?

How to choose your foundation?

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The foundation is a must for successful makeup. But how to find one that will sublimate your face among the many products on offer?

How to choose your foundation?

To obtain a natural effect, your foundation is chosen according to certain criteria:

  • Choose a lighter halftone than the carnation of your skin.
  • Renounce the tones too dark in order to limit the contrast with your neck
  • Avoid too light hues which give the air a pallid look.
  • Prefer a powdery veil that blends with your matte skin.

What texture to adopt?

Depending on whether you are looking to cover blemishes, velvet your skin or bring it shine and natural, the texture of your foundation will be different. A choice :

  • Fluids, moisturizers or matifying, for a natural and transparent effect.
  • The foam, slightly covering give a velvety appearance.
  • The compactThicker and fuller, they provide a flawless and sophisticated finish.

Foundation: a good preparation

For a good application, some actions are necessary:

  • Refine the grain of your skin for a better hold.
  • Clean with a cleansing lotion or cleaning to release pores.
  • Moisturize to facilitate the spreading of the product.
  • Camouflage imperfections with a concealer or a green base antirougeurs.

The right actions to apply your foundation

  • Warm up the foundation in the palm of your hand to facilitate application.
  • Proceed with a damp sponge or a brush for a more accurate result.
  • Start with the middle zone (chin, cheeks, forehead) then spread outward from top to bottom.
  • Blend the product at the root of the hair, eyebrows, at the base of the nose and on its wings.

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