How to hide dark circles and imperfections?

How to hide dark circles and imperfections?

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Since you're a mom, dark circles are betraying your shorter nights? Fine lines, small spots, redness, shadows give you a tired look? The solution ? Cheat! Today, it's easy with concealer and other complexion correctors.


Your baby is not sleeping? Your big internal clock is set at 5:55, including Sundays and holidays? These bluish shadows under the eyes betray your bad nights. The concealer, essential to good looks, camouflages them with pigments that capture and reflect light. As a result, it makes you look sharp and sparkling, where a few minutes ago you had a sad look of exhausted Dachshund. Magical !

How to choose your concealer?

  • The right shade is a semitone lighter than the skin tone of your skin.
  • If your dark circles are quite marked or even purplish, opt for a concealer in rather yellow tones, then put a little foundation to hide them well.

How to apply it?

  • The ideal is to put it like the pros with a brush or failing on the finger, at the inner corner of the eye, following the line of the ring.
  • Blend it then by tapping but not by smoothing it, because you remove the product that will not fix.
  • Last advice, it always applies before the foundation.

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