20 fancy dress ideas for the carnival

20 fancy dress ideas for the carnival

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What are we disguising this year? Animal costumes and masks, super hero capes, princess skirts, robot clothes ... for the carnival, we have come up with great ideas for tutorial fancy dresses on Pinterest. It's your turn !

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20 fancy dress ideas for Carnival (20 pics)

Here the snail

Made with Kraft paper, tape, ribbon and two tassels, an adorable disguise that will go to a girl as well as a boy. Not jealous ! See the tutorial


Uh, the owl!

How to turn a t-shirt into an owl costume? By sewing pieces of fabric. You do not have a machine? Paste feathers! The mask is made from cardboard and sunglasses. Guaranteed effect! See the tutorial


Chat then!

Does your kitten dream of a beautiful cat mask? Cut out this shape, splits for the eyes ... paint, it's ready! A craft that your child can easily do too. See the tutorial


Superheroes in sight

Easy to make, capes of super heroes for your loulous to you. Who's super mom? See the tutorial


Dinosaurs are back

They have not disappeared ... on the contrary! Here are some cute dino tails around the waist with Velcro. See the tutorial


Nice fish!

An original costume, long enough to make, but worth the trip! See the tutorial


Smart robot

Carton and aluminum make up this disguise which will undoubtedly appeal to your robot fan. It throws! See the tutorial


Cute panda

When cardboard plates turn into masks ... it's too cute! A good idea to decline. See the tutorial


Spring's critters

Ladybug and butterfly announce the arrival of the beautiful days, right? These costumes are simply made with cardboard receipt and a good stroke of paint. Easy ! See the tutorial


Wolf are you there ?

We love this wolf cape tutorial made of fleece or faux fur! See the tutorial


Cute the Minion

When a dungaree turns into a Minion ... a smart tutorial for your little fan! See the tutorial


The justice of the sky

How to make a jetpack with two simple plastic bottles ... a DIY for a small fan of space. See the tutorial


Beautiful weather

This costume will put sun in the carnival. See the tutorial


Octopus tamed

When old socks and tights are recycled ... it gives a great costume. Pinterest

Indians attack

Paper feathers, it does it too! The proof with this mask that will delight your little pioneer. See the tutorial


What a clown!

A fun disguise made with falls of fabric, tulle and elastics. Too cute ! See the tutorial


Princess tutu

Tulle, pieces of fabric and elastics ... that can give that too! Pinterest

The Lion King

A mask that will make him roar with pleasure! See the tutorial


Cape or not cape?

To make a super hero cloak, it's not very difficult! There you will find the complete tutorial. See the tutorial


Fairy skirt

For seamstress mom, a petticoat worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales. Magical ! See the tutorial