Choosing a culinary preparer

Choosing a culinary preparer

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Your baby has switched to a diverse diet. And if you adopt a culinary preparer to concoct good dishes? To prepare the right amount of food ... its benefits and our advice to choose it.

The advantages of the culinary preparer

The "homemade" is on the rise. This type of device only has advantages for you and for your young gourmet.

  • Healthy cooking Thanks to the culinary preparator, you buy (and consume) seasonal products - sometimes frozen as well if it has a defrost function - which, when steamed, retain all their vitamins. The capacity of different models, larger or smaller, allows you to prepare one or more meals for your baby.
  • Easy cleaning. The food preparer has few accessories and they all go to the dishwasher. Convenient !
  • Transport possible. Most preparers can get carried away on weekends or holidays. Check that the model is sold with a carrying bag.
  • Recipe ideas. Most often, they are sold with a cookbook simple to make. You will not be able to say "I do not know how to cook".

How to choose it?

  • Multifunction is better. Choose a device that cooks, mixes and reheats the dishes of your young gourmet. Some even go to thaw! It's up to you to evaluate your needs.
  • Steam is better. Steaming preserves the vitamins of foods. In addition, the appliances offered often have a fast cooking time, from 8 to 15 minutes maximum.
  • All in one. A culinary preparer concentrates all the steps in the same container ... Which means a single washing bowl: practical!
  • Security. Most of these devices include an easy and secure closure, including, of course, a safety lock on the lid.
  • Smart accessories. Recipe book, spatula to scrape the bottom of the bowl or small pots to keep the homemade purees ... The majority of these culinary preparers have accessories "more".

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