Hair and sun: adopt the right gestures

Hair and sun: adopt the right gestures

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The sun attacks the hair fiber. To prevent your hair from becoming very dry, dull, unhealthy and your color does not turn, here is your rescue plan concocted by our beauty specialist.

Summer, let your hair breathe

Your hair too needs freedom. So, forget all the styling constraints you usually inflict on them.

  • Abandon the blow dry, lacquer. The sophisticated hairstyle is no longer appropriate for the moment
  • Dry them naturally outdoors
  • Try the degraded cut long but tapered square style around the face to style the finger and get a "wild" effect.

Keep a nice color

The sun that makes the hair porous and the chlorine that fades are the sworn enemies of your color. Adopt these saving gestures:

  • apply, before going to the sun, the sea or the pool, a treatment that deposits a protective filter.
  • Use a shampoo Special colored hair once in two.
  • Put a mask special after-sun that will restore the brilliance of your color.

Avoid the "straw" effect

The sun impairs the hair fiber and your hair becomes very dry, rough, difficult to disentangle. Good actions:

  • Do not go out without a sun care, anti-ultraviolet shield and assaults of all kinds.
  • Brush your hair upside down to chase away salt and sand residues.
  • Apply a shampoo solar very sweet and nourishing. One wash is enough.
  • Finish with a nourishing care who rinses so as not to weigh them down.

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