What is this ugly cough?

What is this ugly cough?

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A little cough from time to time, it's quite commonplace, even being in good health. But if it repeats, persists, or your child has a fever, it may be a sign that something is wrong. The advice of Dr. Guy Dutau, pediatrician.

  • What is cough? It is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm due to irritation of the respiratory tract. When he coughs, your child drives the air violently out of his lungs. It may be voluntary, but it is most often of reflex origin, impossible to repress by its sole will.

Cough: when it's the fault of viruses

  • Everything starts with a cold. The nose, the throat and then the bronchi of your child are successively contaminated. During the night, when lying down, the phlegm clogs his airways and after a few hours they become troublesome. Since your child does not know how to spit, he coughs. This is his only defense.
  • This viral cough, often seasonal, is not serious. It is linked to the learning of immunity and will be heard almost with each infection.
  • At this age, a persistent cough is actually an acute cough that repeats itself. It does not justify antibiotic prescription, but still requires to see a doctor. Most often, he will prescribe a good washing of the nose, sweet and frequent.

Cough related to the environment

The airways do not cope well with a dry and polluted atmosphere. To help your child, some actions are required:

  • Dampen the atmosphere of his room. The often overheated atmosphere only aggravates the irritation of the mucous membranes. Think of using saturators, humidifiers, or simply basins filled with hot water.
  • Refrain from smoking in the house or apartment. Passive smoking, as is well known, plays an important role in the onset and persistence of coughing.
  • Do not forget to air regularly and every day his room. Open the windows wide for at least 15 minutes.

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