Airy center, will he adapt?

Airy center, will he adapt?

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The holidays are coming and you have opted for the airy center! Ideal to have fun and make new friends. Provided your child adapts to this new environment ... Is not it too small? You worry. Here's how to help and reassure you.

He apprehends the first day

  • Kindergarten, he knows, his friends too, but when you told him about the airy center, you felt he was not thrilled. No doubt, the prospect of this adventure worries him.
  • What has to be done. The word "ventilated center" does not mean much to your child. Explain to him what he will do there, that it is different from the school and that in principle he will have a good time! Ask the ventilated center if you can do a one-hour reconnaissance visit with him before his first day. Ask her mistress if other children from her school are going there.
  • What to tell him. "You do not have to worry, you'll play with other kids and make new friends."

He is tired at night

  • The second day is over, your toddler is exhausted! Outdoor games, coloring, races with big ... a whole day, it tired. Result, at dinner time, he dipped his plate. If he did not go to kindergarten for half a day, it's not surprising that this pace tires him.
  • What has to be done. When you pick him up at night, let him go about his business without asking him too much. Enjoy quiet moments and do not delay bedtime too much because he is on vacation. A story, a hug, and sleep! If you see that the pace is tiring, try to put it only half a day, one day in the week.
  • What to tell him. "You had a lot of fun, it's normal that you're tired, we're going to read a story and after: sleep!"

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