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Place to cycle III, that of deepening. As its name indicates, it is the moment for your schoolboy to deepen his knowledge, but also to discover new lessons. Let's see what awaits him and how to give him a boost at home, for presentations for example.

Take an interest in reading

The appetite for reading comes ... by reading of course. Do not hesitate to put BD and mangas on the menu, and support his efforts of more difficult readings. How does it happen ?

Make a follow-up reading

Novels, plays, comics ... In cycle III, your apprentice reader goes into high gear. Discoveries he makes you share! Let's follow his progress.

Grant in the nominal group

Jewel, pebble, cabbage, knee ... Ready to revise your classics? Your child addresses an essential foundation of spelling. To master absolutely! How he learns

Calculate mentally

Counting quickly and well, it is acquired. Discover how your child gets started in class and our tips and tricks, to use without moderation at home, so that mathematics is ... A breeze!

Exercise in mental arithmetic at CE2

To progress, nothing beats training! This sheet CE2 "For Monday, I know ..." will allow you to propose one exercise per week to your schoolboy. The exercises.

Recognize the verb in the sentence

Now that he knows how to read, your schoolboy will tackle the construction of sentences. First by observing. Conduct the investigation with him: where is the verb?

Grant the verb with the subject

I sing, you sing, we sing ... And who gives the verb with the subject? It's your child and it requires a strong reflection! Grant is well played.

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