Christmas Bricos: to your rolls of toilet paper

Christmas Bricos: to your rolls of toilet paper

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From today, we no longer throw rolls of toilet paper! We recycle them with these clever crafts that will delight your elves at this time of Christmas. Discover our ideas found on Pinterest ... it's a gift!

Karine Ancelet

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Christmas Bricos: to your rolls of toilet paper (12 photos)

Hello from Olaf

A fun DIY that should seduce your Snow Queen! More info on Pinterest

It patinates!

With pipe cleaners and some small pompons to not be cold to the ears! More info on Pinterest

Santa's reindeer

He looks great with his woods! More info on Pinterest

Where are you Santa?

Do not worry, I arrive by the fireplace ... a funny DIY for your Christmas elves. More info on Pinterest

A bear that is not cold in the eyes

An original decor idea for the toilets this winter! More info on Pinterest

Packing this idea

That's enough to pack for the holidays! More info on Pinterest

Cotton the idea!

For this brico, you will also need a cardboard box of eggs and full of cotton! More info on Pinterest

Christmas pinatas

You'll have to fill them with little sweets and you're done. More info on Pinterest

Fir forest

Why settle for just one tree this year? More info on Pinterest

At the time of the vigil

Invite reindeer to dinner ... More about Pinterest

Snowman indoor

There is no risk that this one will ... More information on Pinterest

Malignant fir

An idea to decline to infinity for a truly unique fir decor. More info on Pinterest