Log "life in pink"

Log "life in pink"

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A recipe idea for the holidays? A Christmas log, of course, but it will allow you to see life in pink.


  • For the biscuit:
  • 120 g of flour
  • 125 g caster sugar
  • 4 eggs.
  • For the cream:
  • 350 g mascarpone
  • 200 g raspberries
  • 200 g of lychees
  • 1 C. tablespoons rose water 60 g caster sugar.
  • For the syrup:
  • 15 cl of water 60 g of sugar
  • 1 C. of rose water.
  • Decor :
  • icing sugar
  • some raspberries.


For the biscuit: preheat the oven to 180 ° C (item 6). Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture whitens. Add the flour and the whites with a pinch of salt. Pour on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Bake 10 minutes For the syrup: boil the water, sugar and rose water, then let cool. Unmold the biscuit on a damp cloth and sprinkle it with syrup. Roll it in the cloth to let it cool.Prepare the cream: peel and cut the lychees into small pieces. Mix the raspberries and sieve to remove the seeds. Mix the mascarpone with the sugar, the raspberry coulis and the rose water. Separate the cream in half. Add the lychees in one half of the cream and spread it in the delicately rolled biscuit. Roll the biscuit again without the cloth and place it in aluminum foil. Book fresh. When serving, cut off the ends of the log. Cover with remaining cream and garnish with raspberries and icing sugar.