In the garden, 5 discoveries to share with his little one

In the garden, 5 discoveries to share with his little one

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It may be only the second spring of your child. The garden for him is an adventure! And a small square of meadow, a wonderful field of exploration and discovery.

1. The pleasure of touching

  • In a garden, your little gardener apprentice can knead or knead the earth. Not only is it not forbidden - as often with food - but it's even recommended if you invite it to plant seeds or bulbs with you.
  • "Most children are crazy about this sensory experience," confirms Anne Gatecel (author of L'imaginaire, ed., Bayard), psychologist and psychomotor therapist. This earth that smells good and sticks to the fingers can give them a feeling of soothing wrap. "And with a watering can in hand, the garden is transformed even into kingdom of the patouille! A perfect manual activity for children from 2 years old!
  • However, some toddlers are reluctant to touch the earth, sometimes even a little disgusted. This is the time to explain that the land is not dirty: it is thanks to her that grow vegetables and pretty flowers!

2. The wonder by the look

  • Who has never surprised a very concentrated toddler, leaning on a flower? The garden is a wonderful place to develop its observation skills.
  • The adult can compare the leaves of different trees and plants, with their specific forms. Invite him to look closely at the details of a flower, its petals, its pistil. Show him the insects running on the leaves and trunks, the worms that appear when the earth is turned, etc. And with him, rediscover the teeming life of nature in the spring.

3. Learning respect

  • You have to explain to your child that nature is fragile and that tearing the roots of a plant or trampling the flowers prevents them from growing. The trees, plants and vegetables we planted are alive, we must take care of them.
  • "The garden is a good school of accountability," adds Anne Gatecel. For tomatoes or radishes to grow, water them, weed them around so they can breathe. "So many tasks a small child can contribute.
  • Feeling responsible for his plantations and caring for them makes him very proud. For once, he is in a "big" position.

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